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“Hale's music is effervescent.”
- Daily Variety


Songs From The Tall Grass 6

Stories are the lifeline that weaves a thread connecting one generation to another as far back as the mind can imagine. Whether stories about individuals, families, or an entire community, stories contain the wisdom structure that sustains the multicolored fabric we call civilization. Myth or fable, fact or fiction, religious or secular, every man, woman, and child on this planet has a story - and it always starts with where they came from. Tales of My Family is an opportunity for people to tell their own family's story.

The Need

Much like popular cultural today, history is often told through the eyes of the famous. But as we all know, the lives of rock stars and movie stars reflect only a small percentage of what it means to be alive today. And so it is with history. Family stories allow us to give voice to the experience of ordinary people - and capture those memories before they vanish into an abyss we can no longer access.

Family stories are a mixture of facts and opinions. They are not necessarily provable, accurate records of the past. They are, however, powerful indications of how people made sense of their lives, and that in of itself, is a valuable historical record. The unique strength of these stories lies in their eyewitness account. This could be a world-famous event such as the bombing of Pearl Harbor or a family occasion such as a great grand parents' wedding. Either way, family stories allow us to pay respect to the generations that came before us while building a bridge that gives us access to how we arrived here in the first place. Text End

“Hale's music is effervescent.”
- Daily Variety